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Making a Move?
Don't Forget to Order Personal or Business Checks That Reflect Your New Addresss


Moving ServicesWhen it comes to relocating your home or office to a new city, state, country or even just across town, there are so many things that you have to take care of that it is a given something will surely fall through the cracks.

Don't let this " something" be changing the address on your checks, like poor Sarah did.

Recently, Sarah and Joe moved from downtown Manhattan to the sunny suburbs of New Jersey. Meticulous and organized, Sarah thought she had covered all their bases until she sat down to write monthly checks from their personal checking account and their business account.

The money-handler of the two, she was shocked to learn that in the process of moving, and all it entailed, she had forgotten to order personal banking checks. She couldn't tell Joe. She thought she remembered that it only took a few short days to get the order to them, so she quickly turned her laptop on and logged on to the site where she had been buying their personal checks at discount prices for years now.

She was right. In a matter of days, she could have the new checks, complete with the couple's new address, delivered to their front door. Her monthly bills would all be paid on time and, best of all, Joe would never know.

Just as Sarah hit the send button for her new order, it dawned on her. What about the couple's business checks?

Thankfully, she had always relied on the same Internet site for their business checks and with just a few quick clicks of her mouse, ordering business checks was done.

The two orders would be shipped together and arrive on their new home's doorstep, saving her time, money and frustration. Had she been dealing with the bank on this, Sarah knew from experience that the process would have been longer and much more expensive.

Sarah closed her laptop and smiled. By being so consistently frugal, she had successfully saved the young couple enough money to allow them to buy their new home. As she had learned, turning to the Net for purchases such as personal and business checks, even office supplies, furniture and gifts for family and friends could save them money and, best of all, they could do it all on the fly, even in the middle of the largest move of their life.

Relocating just wasn't that bad, she surmised. It was all in remembering the little details and as for the ones that got overlooked, she found the Internet saved her every time!


Services Locating a Mover Moving Tips Planning Ahead

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